About Us

They say some of the best ideas start out on a cocktail napkin...

Emily Glaeser had an idyllic childhood, splitting her time between the hustle and bustle of Philadelphia and the mountain life of Warren, Vermont. At the age of 16, she began attending fashion classes at Moore College of Art and had her first garment walk the runaway shortly thereafter. At 17, she jetted off to the West Coast to attend FIDM for both Fashion Design and Product Development.

Upon graduation the words of Diane Von Furstenberg had always resonated with her "I didn't know what I wanted to do, but I knew what the kind of woman I wanted to be." Emily always knew she'd be the kind of woman that had her own line one day - what materialized was EG LUX. 

Inspired by her bi-costal living and love of traveling, each design has distinctive silhouettes that fuse both comfort and style to create the ultimate lingerie and swimwear brand. Emily wanted to create a fun, sexy line that made all types of women feel strong, sexy and powerful. Let's be honest, a good bra is like a good hair day - it changes everything..